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Type of Writer: Original Writer. Fanfic Writer. Sadistic Writer.
Writes: PokeSpe. PKMN Game-Wise. Digimon 02.

Freebie Box ((Still under contrustion))

I really don't know. This is just a freebie box type thing... like put personal random wacky stuff here or something. Page looked empty to me and considering how crazy and laggy my old page was I figure I should add some of that spiralness back~

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Wataru Centric

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019. Fire + Water|Solace/Johto
SoulSilver request
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United States


NickName: Citinea P. or Elione D.
RealName: Cinthya-Elizabeth V.
Gender: Female
Occupation: Student Writer. Analyzer. Hobbyist Illustrator.
Status: Taking a sick day.
Currently Writing: - - - - -
Currently Drawing: - - - - -
Mood: Depressed.
Today's Holiday is: N/A (August 23rd)

:bulletblack:~:bulletblack:Writing Updates:bulletblack:~:bulletblack:

:bulletred: "Pokémon Special, Red, Green & Blue Sega
Status: Submitted Daily
Genre: Adventure. Drama.
Summary: Join Masayoshi Red! A young boy on a journey to capture and fill out a “Pokedex” for the famous Prof. Okido. On the same quest is none other than the Professor’s grandson. Along his journeys Red meets new Pokémon and people, this include a mysterious organization that unwarily Red accidentally seals his fate by stumbling across them.
Type: SilverLink, GalaxCanon.

:bulletblue: "Partners"
Status: Will be re-written before updating. Hiatus.
Genre: Action. Angst. Friendly.
Summary: When the Preciousmetal duo are given a mission. A trail of mistakes leads them to their death. The Pokémons left behind are now searching throughout the White Leaves Forest, hoping that maybe they're trainers aren't dead as they assume.
Type: GalaxCanon

:bulletorange: "Why Hello There"
Status: Hiatus until before CSOE is announced to be released.
Genre: Action.
Summary: - - - -
Type: GalaxCanon

:bulletyellow: "Aries' Journal"
Status: In process
Genre: Action. Humor. Angst.
Summary: A nuzlocke of SoulSilver, a female named Aries is forced to go on a journey just like how she's forced to take down team rocket, save humans, run into a prickle redhead, and save a world she detest.
Type: DexLink

Author Notes:
Yo-hai! everyone!❤ I've been inactive in writing for about month because I've been trying to get ahead in RGB pages. It'll take awhile more but I've decided to keep writing side things since I haven't quite done the Farewell to Dexholders yet, but once I do, I won't be writing PokéSpe until that Arc is done. I'll explain what I mean later though, Jah nahs~❤


August's Birthday Shoutouts! 

11 deviants said 8th - Masayoshi Red (PokeSpe)
3 deviants said 11th - Aragaki Shinjiro! (Persona 3)
3 deviants said Add a birthday of yourself or a fictional character you know!
1 deviant said 1st - Hanamura Sakaki! (PokeEro/Spe)
No deviants said 7th - Masayoshi Auguste! (PokeDime)
No deviants said 24th - Kinoshita Hideyoshi & Yuuko (Baka and Test)
No deviants said 29th - Sohma Yuki (Fruit Basket)


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I don't want your computer to get hacked, please read this! If your computer tells you to download a "Java update" DON'T DO IT! It will probably download a Trojan horse to your computer, like it did to my family laptop! And please make a journal about it, I can't because its hard to submit stuff using an iPod touch. Please pass this information on, it really sucks! 
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Um hello! I've been following you for months now and I'm really loving your fanfics! :D
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Are you going to do SS9YA this year?
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