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July 30, 2012
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"Fire-chan~! Fire-chan!"

A male with red and black clothing sighed and put down his book he was reading, he petted the cat-like pokemon feline named Coco on his lap and gave her more time to sleep letting himself drown in the past.

He laid back in his chair and still had his glasses on.

Fire-chan~! Come on look it's cute!"

He another sighed escape the boy's lips. The red eyed teen look at the clock, it was past midnight, no it was past 3am. More more and he losses sleep, he sighed once again and put the pencil down.

Closing his eyes, he let himself get lost in the past.


"Ehhh? B-but the water…."

"You won't fall!"


A little boy no more then the age of early five was pointing down at a riverside looking at the water pokemons in it. A brunette next to him was uneasy with the water, after all the first time they met he had rescue her from drowning. The little boy had a couple bruises and bandages mainly on his nose.

"I'm here this time, so I won't let you fall!" he giggled childishly as the girl in a frilly pink dress nodded slightly. Her hands were at her heart balled and clamp together, her feets nervously and slowly made their way near the water.

Ruby smiled at the girl and held out his hand for encouragement.

She looked into his eyes nodded with a little sound she took his hand and went near to the water all the while being extremely close. All the red-eyed boy did was blush slightly and look at the water with her. "Isn't it cute?"


Ruby smiled and pointed at the water, all she could see was her own reflection in the thick water, she turn back to the boy again with a confused look. "It has brown hair and it's pick too!"

"Brown hair…. Pink…?" she was staring at the water trying to see what he saw. She then realized he was referring to her and looked back up at the boy with a flustered blush. "E-Eh!? M-me?"

"Mm-hm!" a little childish chuckle and a great big smile was planted on the boy's face.

A blank stare was receive from the girl as Ruby got more and more uneasy with his bold decision. She giggled slightly and then gave a slight smile at the boy. "Thank you Ruby-kun." she leaned in slightly and gave a peck on his cheek which only made his face burn bright red.

The two sat down and played with some of the pokemons near by, Ruby started to talk about his dream, his goal in life to beat all gym leaders before age of 11. The girl listen silently enjoying the way he was passionate about this, she can practically feel the excitement coming from the young boy which made her giggled.

"Do you have a dream?"

The question caught her off guard. She looked down at her black gothlitlia shoes, it took a moment to realized she had nothing planned for the future, she never really thought about it.

She looked at the boy, his silky short black hair peeking out of his hat, she giggled at the sight and brushed the stance back into his hat, the brunette wondered as the boy would be out on his adventure, where she would be, back home still, out on her own journey. Would she still know the boy in front of her.

That thought sent fear into her spine, she did not want to be separate from the boy. She wondered for a moment, thinking how can she be with him and still not be a burden to him. "I know, In the future, I'll be your bride!"

"E-eh!?" Ruby's face lit up red, he couldn't denial that sounded like a good idea to him. "O-okay…

"Really?!" the boy nodded and smiled slightly he later yelped out from her sudden glomp attack she gave him. She stood up and ran slightly to a bush with flowers, she started to pick a few of them and held them in her hands. "Let's have a BIG wedding!"

Ruby sweat dropped seeing her getting too overbored with this, he was forced to do a fake wedding with the girl, but willingly did what she wanted near the end. Though it was just pretend, the two kept the promise to be together always.

After the exciting day for the two, energy was drain as their parents would find them sleeping under a tree surrounded by flowers.

"Fire-chan… I wonder where you are now…" Ruby was still awake, unable to sleep has his faded memories would re-run in his mind. He figured Coco would not move and decided to spend the night sleeping on his chair.

Closing his eyes once more letting himself re-watch his childhood play over and over. "Fire-chan… I want to keep my promise."

Yet I can't shake the feeling that maybe…. I'm falling for another girl… Sapphire…
Contest Prize One-shot

The First Place Winner Rescive a One-shot.

Theme: Childhood memory.

Contest: :iconjohtoshipping:

Winner: :iconsapphirehaneen711:

Hope you enjoy, and I apologize if it came out less then what you expected ^^;
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