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Gold was frozen. Up until now he kept making the wrong decisions. He knew why too. After what Yellow had told him, after learning that Team Elite planned to experiment on infant pokemons, on pokemons eggs. he felt nothing. Everything slowly started to make sense to him. Kurt was in a hurry to help save the eggs. Team Elite never attacked the town but the forest. They needed to distract both cities. Who knew what they did in Goldenrod. Or if anyone there would even notice.

Up until now he kept making the wrong decisions. He wasn't sure what to feel anymore. Guilty for not doing anything. Angry at Red. Shocked at the news. Or scared at his surroundings. All he knew was that he was frozen. He couldn't do anything. He was useless. "Gold?"

Yellow tried to bring the Hatcher back to earth. He was completely frozen with his eyes widen. She wasn't even sure if he heard the whole story or just stop breathing half way. "Gold!"

His golden eyes snapped and came back to reality. "Yeah yeah, uhh what do we do?"

"I just told you!" Yellow face palm. She took in a deep breath, she wasn't sure why Gold was acting this way. Something was distracting him. "Go get Bugsy, protect the daycare and chase after Team Elite."

Gold widen his eyes at this. "Are you kidding? That's suicide!"

"That's why I said, bring Bugsy!" the two were practically yelling at each other by now. Both panicking at the situation. "You have to protect the daycare and you have to save the eggs that are already in Elite's grasp!" her voice started to shove out any worried and replaced them with a strict leader like tone.

Gold took a second to understand what she said. He flinched and made a face of horror. "YOU MEAN GO IN THEIR BASE?!"


"THAT'S WORSE THAN SUICIDE YELLOW!!" throughout his whole life he have known this team. He knew that going to their base would mean giving up your life to nothing but pain. Yellow shook her head. Something was clearly off with the Hatcher. He wouldn't have rejected the idea straight out. He would have at least consider it.

Yellow looked around the hospital, trying to remember anything. "Gold… are you okay?"

Even if there was a crisis, she couldn't send him out like this. The Hatcher looked confused by her question. "Despite the fact I have no idea what to do, then yeah, pretty much okay."

She didn't take his word for it. Though it wasn't like as if she had much of a choice here. The situation was getting out of hand, she rather not play this card but she was partly desperate. Besides it would be easier this way for the both of them. "Gold. Team Elite is experimenting on baby pokemons. Making them learn things, treating them cruelly. And no one's there to help them." she made sure to look at him straight in the eyes. "If you're not going to go, who will? It'll take much to long to call for back up and who knows where Red is. Just go, and keep in mind that they are hurting, abusing little infants."

Gold was looking down at the ground. Out of all the emotions that were frozen, only one thwart out. "Those bastards."


Without hesitating, Gold glance at Yellow and handed the blonde her poke gear that was on the table. She saw the flicking spark of anger starting to spread. The Hatcher dashed out of the hospital. Now determine to put an ends to Team Elite. He quickly dodge any incoming people, his sneakers squeaked whenever he halted and swiftly turned. A couple of the Doctors told him to stop running, yet he didn't care about what they said. He never cared about anyone who wears a lab coat.

Gold took out his Pokegear, ready to call Busgy and running towards his Gym. "Mushi mushi?"

"Bugsy! Look, close up your Gym, I need you to come with me to the daycare!"

"The what!? Gold what are you talking about?"

"Listen! Kurt was at the house awhile ago, I just learned that Team Elite is after the pokemon eggs in the Daycare."

"The one near Goldenrod?"


"Gold, that's Whitney's territory. Call her instead."

At this, Gold harshly stopped his running, the need to breath slapped him across his face. "Okay, WHAT THE FUCK IS UP WITH EVERYONE!?"


"UWAAAH!!" Bugsy shut his eyes from the ear screeching shout. He was caught off balance making him drop the phone and hold onto the branch of the tree he was sitting on for dear life. "Uwaa~aaahh!" he kicked his legs in the air, shutting his eyes tightly he let his hands go. The fall wasn't that painful, just a little crack up his spine and a thud on his buttocks. "Oww…"

"Seriously!! It's like we need a good valid reason for helping people!!"

Bugsy panted and grabbed the phone, trying to dust off his shirt. "Gold," he sounded a bit annoyed and concern. "That's just how our job is." he felt like he was talking to a crying child. "The daycare is Whitney's territory, if you need backup then go call her."

He can feel the rage behind Gold's breathing pattern. "NO!! NO NO NO NO NO! I DON'T WANT TO HEAR MORE CRAP ABOUT IT'S OUR DUTY OR JOB OR WHATEVER!"

"Well then you're talking to the wrong person Gold!" Bugsy started yelling back, frowning at his friend's behavior.


Bugsy rolled his eyes, annoyed with his friend's complaining. "GOLD! The world isn't painted black and white! There are other colors out there so LOOK AT THEM!" with that Bugsy rage quit and hung up the phone. Shutting it off so that the Hatcher wouldn't be able to call back. He started to collect his fallen papers. He had so many paper works from many things.

The Gym, the lab, the town. It was all just piling it u and getting on his nerves. "You need to grow up…" Bugsy looked down at the phone, a bit concern and regretful for his actions. However he quickly shook it off and focused his time on his paper works. Having no regrets lingering in his mind, he assumed that Gold would be just fine.

Gold stared at the Pokegear. He heard the long beep, signaling that Bugsy had hung up. His last words however left him terribly confused. "What… what does that even mean!?"

The raven haired teen gripped the Pokegear in his hands. He swore it can crush under his grip if he kept it up. He wanted to loosen up but it was just too much. The memories of previous events, his regrets and guilt. Anger and fear. Shock and confusion. It was all just piling up on him, he wasn't sure just how his body wasn't punching walls or something. How was he still standing still right now? He didn't feel frozen he just felt something welling.

He wasn't sure what was welling, it was getting on his last nerves, it wasn't fair, he wasn't being himself, everything was just building up and blocking his judgment. Nothing is fair he knew that from the beginning but that still didn't mean that THIS had to be unfair. He failed to protect Yellow, he was so freaking pissed at Red. He was so annoyed and confused by Bugsy. And he was pissed at himself for scaring Maisy. Everything. Everything. Everything. EVERYTHING.

Gold lifted his head to the skies, his bangs covering and creating a shadow over his eyes. "UUUUWWAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRGGHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!" Everything was just so complicated

A small crack formed in Gold's Pokegear. He bend his back a bit, looking at the ground with crazed confused eyes. Panting from his scream of frustration. He tried to clear his mind. Lay down his cards and sort them out. He was on a time limit which only added more pressure. But this matter was too important to just sit and think. He needed to figure things out now and soon.

Even this wasn't him. He wasn't the one in the team to think things through. He just went ahead, dive head first and did things just as they came. He hated Elite. He could never face them alone for this exact reason. Gold knew he would die if he even tried to face them alone. He needed someone that was good at thinking and making plans rather than dive right in without any information to go on.

That was another thing that bothered him. Why did he wait around for Red? It was Team Elite, that was enough of a reason to go after them. Why did he froze back then. Why did he listen to Red. No matter where he looked, he just wasn't himself right now. Not anymore. Gold gritted his teeth and looked at his Pokegear. His fingers started to look for Red's number. Whether he liked it or not, Red was the only one he can turn to right now. Or well, that is what he thought.

"What do you want?"

But his fingers thought otherwise.

Gold looked confused and scrunched his nose. "Uhh… Silver?"

"You call me out of no where and didn't even know?"

The Hatcher looked at his Pokegear for the number. Indeed, he really did call Silver's number. He wasn't sure what to be surprised at, the fact he called Silver, or the fact Silver actually answered. "Uhhh…"

"Doesn't seem like you need anything."

He heard a sigh as if he was going to hang up. "Whoa whoa wait!" Another annoyed sigh.


Lay down the cards. Yes, that's what he needed to do. "I need your help in this mission…"

"Mission? The one to patrol a town? Are you kidding?"

Gold nervously chuckled at Silver's tone. He shook his head and started to lay down his cards. "Look, Yellow and Red battled Team Elite, Yellow's in the hospital right now and Red is going AWOL."

"He went after Elite alone?"

"No." Gold ran his hand over his hair. "He's doing the opposite. He's patrolling the city and ignoring Elite." The Hatcher wasn't sure if the static came from the possibility Silver was at some random high place. Or from the possibility the redhead gripped the phone so hard it was now shattering in his hand. "Uhh.. Yellow said that Elite is experimenting on eggs and baby pokemons. Kurt was here just now, apparently Elite is going to attack the Daycare."

"What?! Then what are you doing calling me, it's obvious what you should do Gold."

"I know that! I just…!" at his tone, Silver calm down with an exhale. He started to ask about any help he can get. Gold explain that Red was no where to be found, Bugsy said Whitney should be the one helping, however it would take her much too long to get there. He wasn't going to take Maisy and there wasn't anyone else he knew in the town to help him.

Silver started to ask for little details. It took a couple minutes which was getting Gold more worked up. Finally the redhead analyzed the situation as fast and as best as he could. "Gold, Red is letting his personal emotions cloud his judgment. From what Nee-san told me before. All you have to do is get him angry, get Yellow's condition involved. Convince him that it's Elite's fault she's like this."

"You think that'll work? I never seen the dude angry before."

"Just hope it dose." Gold groaned at this plan. "Don't get Maisy involved with Elite, but from what you said. You can kill two birds with one stone."

"Ehhh? I don't wanna kill birds!" the Hatcher whined and frowned like a child.

On the other line Silver was annoyed and wanted to hang up. "It's an expression."

"Oh… well what does it mean?"

"It means that you have to order her to go to Bugsy and fill him in on everything. The moment she sees your determination, she'll get the courage to bicker with Bugsy. Knowing her, she'll end up crying in the middle of it and it'll solve their little tension."

Gold blankly stared at Silver. He was like a male version of Shirona. "Uhh exactly, just how the heck do you analyze all that?"

There a good long silence between the two. There was then some shuffling noises. "That's because I'm helping him figure this out."

If had energy, Gold would fall anime-style at the fail in this. The moment he heard Shirona's voice come on the other line, it was made perfectly clear that Silver wasn't the one analyzing the situations. Sure the first part yes, the second part, it was definitely Shirona's doing. "Hah, you almost had me going there Silver."

The redhead crossed his arms and looked to the side. He was in the office of the taller woman. Once Gold explained about Maisy's and Bugsy's fighting, Shirona was passing by and pulled the redhead aside to help with the situation. If it was up to him, he would tell his friend to leave the two alone. "Well then Gold, if you do this and everything goes as planned, you'll have Bugsy and Red at your side fighting with you."

"Yeah, all that sounds GREAT, however you're forgetting something."

Shirona scoffed at this and place on hand on her hip. "And that would be?" her light brown hair swayed in the ponytail she had. Silver was sitting on the desk, listening since the Galax Boss had put the gear on speaker.

"Just what the heck do I do when I get there?!"

"Oh please!" Shirona laughed at this. "That's easy Goldilocks." Silver held in his small chuckled at the nickname she calls the Hatcher often from time to time.  "Just do what you do best~ create chaos, destroy and save the innocent!"

Both boys didn't miss the sarcasm in her voice. On the other line with Gold, there was an hesitate sigh. "Yeah, alright. Thanks guys."

Shirona tossed the Pokegear back to the redhead. Silver added some more info and plans before hanging up. When he turned around he saw Shirona typing something in her ReRamote. It wasn't exactly a good sign when she was using this. "What are you planning to do?"

"Calling over the Dexholders."


Shirona chuckled vilely. "He slipped." slyly walking over to her desk, she set down her ReRamote and began to type something in her computer. Silver's pokedex rang. He received a text from Shirona and read it in his mind. It said for everyone to come to the Manor the last day before the month ended. Along with this warning, there was also a poll.

A poll with two names on it and a heading he was highly confused at. Silver looked at the older woman. She was smiling to herself in an bitter yet pleased smirk. He repeated to himself her reply, trying to make sense out of the poll. He slipped…?

He shook the thought for another time. "Should I head over t Goldenrod?"

Shirona looked up at him, thinking about this for a moment. "Uhh, no. I'm pretty sure he can handle himself."

Just hope he does…

"But wait!" Maisy gripped Gold's arm, desperately hanging on. "Should I go there with you!? Grandpa he-!" she wasn't sure how to continue or if she can without crying.

Gold stared at her in the eye. He knows this look, he wore it a bunch of times before. He knows exactly how she feels right now, and that was something he feared. To be honest with himself, he didn't like the way he turned out. Diving into danger without a second thought and self sacrificing. He didn't like to be this way. And he didn't like the fact that Maisy was turning into him. He looked at her eyes. Those same scared eyes he saw all those years ago.

He chuckled a bit sadden. "If was given the chance to have a daughter… I want her to be like you."

Maisy was a bit taken back by his kind smile. A smile that was gently yet hurting. "What… do you mean?"

The Hatcher only exhale and shook his head. This time wearing a serious expression. "Look, I know you love your Grandpa and you feel like you have to protect him, to help and save him. But I also know you're scared to do so and confused. So… I need you to tell Bugsy. And I need you to believe in me. Believe that I will return with Kurt safely." He bent down on his knees to her level.

Remembering the time he had done this six years ago. He patted her head which gave Maisy a sense of nostalgia. "Diving into danger with the sole reason of helping someone is fantastic…." Gold looked down, remembering the time Silver and Crystal were angry with him. "But it's also horrible.. Since you're not considering the feelings of those who leave behind."

Maisy looked down at the ground. She wanted to laugh at this. "I… don't have anyone…"

"That's no true." Gold shook her shoulder to make her look at him. "I care, Bugsy cares. Kurt cares. Silver does too. You have a handful of people that you'll hurt if you left right now. I…" Gold paused for a moment. He smiled and chuckled bitterly. "I'll bring back Kurt. And I'll protect the daycare. And I… don't plan on dying just yet."

The confident look in his eyes gave Maisy enough hope to let him go and stay. She nodded swallowing her own tears back before it fell. "Okay… I'll let Bugsy know."

Gold stood up, stretching his back. "Take Ataro with you."

"Huh!?" Maisy's eyes widen with shock.

"In case Elite finds you. Ataro will protect you." Gold smirked and placed on his goggles.

Maisy huffed her cheek and held the ball with Ataro inside with her two hands. "I can… defend myself.."

"I don't doubt that." With a glance at the sky, the memory of Crystal tossing him a flashlight passed by his mind. "But someone once told me you can never be too careful."

Before the young black haired girl can reply, Gold dashed off, scowling with determination to bring down Elite. Maisy looked down at the pokeball. She smiled nervously at Ataro. "Alright…" she placed the ball in her pocket and balled her fist. Frowning ahead at the route that leads to Bugsy's Gym, she placed all her butterfrees in a box.

Maisy ran the opposite direction of Gold. Both determine to do the task at hand. Gold was off to find Red as Maisy was off to find Bugsy.

Yellow shut her eyes as she sat on the hospital bed. She felt so useless right now. There wasn't anything she can do right now. All she can do was sit and wait. This wasn't her. But it wasn't like she had much of choice. Why was this happening to them? She released a shaky scared exhale. "Haah… how far dose God intend to test us….?"

She closed her eyes, squeezing them shut as she felt her heart start to race. The beeping on the monitor increase. She grunted and held her heart, pain was everywhere and it was spreading. "Nnrgh.." she gritted her teeth, refusing so help out. With her free hand she went to press the button, trying to call in the nurse knowing that this pain in her heart was the same feeling she got a couple years ago. This pain in her heart had the ability to end her life. And that was the last thing she wanted, that was the only thing she wouldn't accept. "Haah… ahh… Ah..!.. Nnrgh… R-Red…"

Footsteps stopped. The Fighter looked around, feeling something calling his attention. His arm felt like there was some sort of lace wrapping around him. Red looked at the arm, for a split second he saw a red ribbon lace flash but vanished the next second. "What the..- ARG-"

Suddenly he felt his heart cringe. His whole body tensed, feeling as if he was trapped in an Wrap attack. Something strangled his throat, making it so much harder to breath. Blood was being stopped and piling up. He felt so squished, inside of nothing. Or something invisible. Red cursed in his head once he realized he can't even reach for a pokeball. What is going on..?!

Doctors swarmed in the room Yellow was at. She was on her back, her body relaxed. The long beep on the monitor was ear piecing. One of the Doctors ordered the nurse to charge the paddles, letting another doctor put gel on it, he rub them together. Placing the paddles on Yellow's chest. "Charging… clear!"

Her body jolted yet the long beep was still there. More panic was caused, feeling pressured that the patient dying was one of the Dexholders. Yellow's lifeless body was abused by another charge. Her heart still didn't go back to rhythm. Most of the nurses backed away from her body after the third charge. "What are you doing?"

"You're supposed to let the patient go after the third time… Sir.."

The long beep was the only noise being heard in Yellow's room. "Charge again." The Doctor ordered. No on obeyed. The man growled and glared at the nurses. "CHARGE. AGAIN."

Out of fear, one of the nurses charged. "… Clear!"

The jolt made Yellow's body arch up. "Haah!" She snapped open her eyes and panted roughly.

"GAAH!" Red gasp out as he felt whatever it was wrapping him starting to loosen. His heart was beating rapidly. He wonder if this is how a Heart Attack felt like. He felt as if some sort of jolt went through him, the pain was soon decreasing. He can now move his body. "Wha…"

"RED!" the said trainer swiftly turned around to see a panting Gold. From all the running Gold was resting on his knees, basically gobbling all the air in sight.

Red was confused to what just happened. The pain vanished, the blood started to flow creating that obnoxious ant crawling feeling. "What is it?" given the past events, he wasn't in the mood to chat with the younger male at the moment.

Gold stood up straight, trying to think of good ways to anger Red. Trying to shift the blame towards Elite. That wasn't his specialist, it was Red after all. He never saw the Fighter get mad at someone. He can anger Silver, Blue even. But not Red. He looked up to him, well past tense. "We have o go after Elite."

"I thought I already told you we're not." Red scoffed.

Gold growled. "Not even for Yellow?" This caught his attention. Gold smirked to himself, silently hoping he can continue this route. "Yellow's in the hospital not because you failed to save her but because Elite put her there in the first place!"

Red shook his head, blocking out Gold's words. The stubborn teen continued. "Think about it! If Elite wasn't around people like Yellow wouldn't get hurt!" this was as far as Gold can and would go. He stepped in front of Red, trying to met his eye level. "They hurt Yellow. And you're letting them get away with that. What kind of sign does that send?"


"That Elite can fuck up with your girl and get away with it?"

"Gold. Stop."

Forgive me Silver.

The Hatcher glared. Knowing that this will either get him killed, or get Red to kill. "If Elite gets to mess with Yellow, don't you think that Rocket will go looking for her? Don't you think that Giovanni can just easily rape her knowing you'll let him get away with it?!"



Gold spit out some blood that formed in his mouth. He gave the Fighter an glare of despise. Red retracted his fist and panted. Feeling sudden anger rising up in his stomach. Gold was right, about everything. Even if he wasn't he should not be here he should be after Elite, making sure they never ever hurt Yellow again. "What's wrong with me…?"

Red's hands balled, everything was just so confusing. He wanted to escape it all. Gold quickly stood up and gave the Fighter a shove. "Yellow is important to me. And I am not going to let Elite get away with this" with another spit of hatred and anger, Gold prepared himself to run again. "Why don't you just wither away with self pity. It's what you're best at."

Rage exploded in Red's mind. His eyes widen at the comment he felt highly defensive. Before Red can turn around for another punch, Gold was already running towards the forest. What the younger male said hit the Fighter harder then a Thunderbolt. The last words the Hatcher uttered to him replayed in his mind over like a record. He felt so pissed at himself, at Gold. When he noticed that he was pissed at Yellow. He brought his hands to his hair and yanked on it. "ARGH!"

The mixed emotions bottled up was now flowing in him. Yes, he was pissed at Yellow. He blamed her for her recklessness. He subconsciously put all the blame on her, that little fact made him hate himself with every once of his soul. He hated this. He hated how he put the blame on her. Red felt tears of frustration start to form. Nothing was fair, nothing was real. Nothing, nothing. Nothing.

Why don't you wither away with self pity. It's what you're best at.


Taking the easy way out. All his confusion, his anger. His frustration. He directed them towards one thing. Team Elite.
And I’m beginning to regret the title but then I remembered why I put it that so yeah :I

Annd around the end, with Yellow dying, I just needed her to go get in surgery but I decided to test out writing with constants switching POVs without abusing the < hr > so I added in specialshipping moments//bricked
So basically, once Red and Yellow started to date and stuff, at some point they did the Promise Hope Gift. In result whenever one was in fatal danger the other would feel the pain as a warning. The red ribbon is due to an Mystical Wedding, where the two couples hold hands and the High Priest wraps a red ribbon, binding their fate together. Since Specialshipping theme is the Red String Of Fate, I figured that in the future they would do the Fate Bind.
Also, once someone Fate Binds, others are not allowed to mess with them. For EX:
You have an Angel and Human, they aren’t allowed to love each other but they do anyways. However the higher Gods, Angel’s bosses, keeps separating them cause it’s forbidden. If you can Fate Bind, then the Higher Gods are forced to leave you be since your fates are now intertwine. What’s also romantic is that the Angel and Human can only get married on a Eclipse, because it’s the only day where they can’t look down and we can’t look up. Making them blind to the earth. And now I’ll stop with my Fate Bond lessons//SHOT
I already wrote so many fanfics about this XD it’s rather romantic~~ but I never posted them on up or dA, cause I wrote them about two years ago so IT’S CRAPPY AND SHITTY LOL
So basically, in a nutshell. Yellow and Red did the Hope/Promise Gift. In result, the Red String Of Fate became enchanted and Fate Bonded them until the day someone cuts the connect. (Which is unlikely since you’ll need a Bond Cutter and there is only one Bond Cutter I know. Ne Eyami~~)

Nrrgh.. Personally, I was fucking pissed while writing this cause well, you know how when you draw, you made the faces of the character? Well it’s like that, writing these guys all pissed and confused and just JFBGFJBGDSJOGBDSJBGSKDHB SERIOUSLY, I WAS RAGING ON THE KEYBOARD LOL I even punch a couple of humans walls to calm down :I
Just meh, this was one negative emotional rollercoaster for me, and I am slightly proud of this fanfic.

Gold uses sensitivity!
It's super effective!
The fangirls fainted! //MURDERED

Here you have Gold having a touching *sniff* moment with Maisy *sniff* ßsarcasm.
As I talked about before, I really love Maisy’s character, and yeah LOL, just the look in her eyes the possible character devolment you can do with her. She’s so precious <3

Red = his oocness was caused by his subconscious mind blaming Yellow for her condition. Because Red loves Yellow, he feels angry with himself for even thinking about this. This frustration caused many issues in his mind.

Gold = Not yet explained.

Bugsy = Not yet explained.

Thank you all for reading! It means so much, comments are welcome and ect/etc <-will never spell that right. I had fun minus with all the anger writing this XD!
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Nrrgh.. Personally, I was fucking pissed while writing this cause well, you know how when you draw, you made the faces of the character? Well it’s like that, writing these guys all pissed and confused and just JFBGFJBGDSJOGBDSJBGSKDHB SERIOUSLY, I WAS RAGING ON THE KEYBOARD LOL I even punch a couple of humans walls to calm down :I
Just meh, this was one negative emotional rollercoaster for me, and I am slightly proud of this fanfic.

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you know how Lloyd gave Collet/Collete a pendent? That can be seen as a Promise/Hope gift, it links them together, a Hope gift it based on the love they have for each other, the stronger the more link, Fate Bind takes all their love and becomes thinker depending how powerful, for EX; When Giovanni and Radiant Fate Binded, the string grew into a lace and as seen later on they become insynchrinized with each other, when one was in 'remotely' danger they woud get warned. Unlike some couples who gets warned while the other in his death, or has died, the stronger the bond, the more of a head warning you get, the string/lace attahed will also guide you back to the beloved and will be passed off as "just a feeling I had"
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LOOL Yay! I wish there was more of your kindXD
SweetPlatinum Featured By Owner Nov 23, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Wow! That's another amazing writting of yours!

OMG! Yellow is hospitalized! I can't wait to read the next chapter!
PrismaticMemories Featured By Owner Nov 23, 2012
1. ghtjgnhsdjlfnhrljgn
2. OMG
3. Thank you so much ;^; <3

LOL yeah she is, and not holding out too well XD
thank you~
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You're very welcome!~~
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